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Other Ways to Book Your Appointment

  1. By Telephone:
    Call 0117 957 6000 during our opening hours.
  2. In Person: Visit reception during opening hours.

Remember if you can’t come – PLEASE cancel your appointment.

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Appointment Types

We offer a range of different appointment types:

Routine Appointments

These are available to book up to six weeks in advance for non-urgent matters, such as follow-ups, routine reviews or on-going problems. The waiting time for a routine appointment will vary depending on whether you need to see a specific GP, or at a specific time of day.

Improved Access

GP appointments are now available in your area during the evenings and at the weekend. To book an appointment, contact your practice.

Telephone Appointments

For many queries you will be able to speak to a doctor on the phone, which usually means that you will be able to get an appointment sooner than if you need to be seen in person. If you're not sure, our reception team will be able to advise you whether a telephone appointment is suitable for you.

On Call (Triage) Appointments

This is for urgent appointments that are triaged by the Nurse Practitioner and/or Doctor. The clinical team will be able to assess, treat and prescribe over the phone using clinical protocols or see you face to face. The clinical team will be able to offer follow up or advice about signposting to other clinical services.

Nurse Practitioners

Did you know? You can see our team of Nurse Practitioners for minor illnesses such as coughs, colds or sore throats. They will be able to provide you with advice and treatment, including a prescription if necessary, and they have same day appointments available. Our reception team will be able to advice you on the best person for you to see.

Automated Check-In System

When you arrive for your appointment at the surgery you will need to check in at reception or alternatively use our automated check in system in the waiting room.


If you anticipate that you may require an examination by the Doctor and feel that you would like a chaperone to be present, please make reception aware at the time of booking your appointment so that this can be arranged. For further information please see our Chaperones policy.

Cancelling an Appointment

If you are unable to attend for your appointment please tell us in good time so that we are able to offer another patient the use of that appointment.

You can use one of the following methods:

  1. Cancel Online using Patient Access:
    Cancel Your Appointment online using Patient Access.
  2. Cancel Online (Alternative Method - No Login Required):
    Cancel your Appointment Online.
  3. By Telephone:
    Please call us on 0117 957 6000.
  4. By Fax:
    Please send us a fax on 0117 957 6001.
  5. In Person: Call into your surgery and let the receptionist know in person.

We can offer your appointment to someone else and therefore help to reduce waiting times.

As part of our commitment to all our patients we monitor the efficient use of appointments. If a patient regularly fails to attend a booked appointment, the practice reserves the right to remove them and their family from the practice list.