Healthcare Team


Dr Veronica Barry, MBBS BSc(Hons) MRCGP DRCOG DFFP

Dr Chris Boelling, MD Munich MRCGP DPCRheumatology DOccMed DRCOG DFFP

Dr Monica Gallagher, MBChB MRCGP

Dr Jonathan Evans, DRCOG, DFP, MRCGP


Dr Sally Harrison, BM MRCGP DRCOG DSFRH (Currently on maternity leave)


Dr Jamie Preston


Our doctors work in a partnership and as a group. Although you are registered with a named doctor, you may see any of the doctors in the partnership. However, we encourage you to remain with one GP for routine appointments to improve continuity.

Nurses and their Areas of Interest

Additional information on our nursing services can be found here.

Nurse Practitioner / Nurse Manager

Andrew Parry RGN, RSSN, PACR
Interests: Minor illnesses, Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, Travel health and Asthma.

Nurse Practitioners

Amanda Hawkins RGN, BSc (hons)
Interests: Urgent care and minor illnesses, Independent non-medical prescriber, Tissue viability. Currently undertaking MSc in Advanced Practice

Dawn Davey RGN, BSc
Interests: Asthma, COPD, Minor Illness, Travel Health, Smears and Vaccinations

Lorraine Little,  RGN, BSc
Interests: COPD, Palliative Care.

Mike Peters RGN, BSc
Interests: A&E Specialised Nurse, Clinical Governance

Laura Dicker RGN, BSc
Interests: Minor illness/Injury.

Samantha Tolenaar RGN, BSc
Interests: Sexual Health, Contraception

Tracey Hurley RGN, BSc
Interests: Paediatric and Urgent Care

Practice Nurse

Mary Gray RGN
Interests: Diabetes, Child Health, Smears, Vaccinations and Travel health

Healthcare Assistants

Emma Hewett & Angela Bond

Community Team

District Nurses

Telephone: 0117 970 9420


Based at Downend Clinic Telephone 0117 330 2505

Marie Peacock Telephone 0117 957 6914

Practice Management

Executive Manager

Emma Fletcher

Clinical Operations Manager

Lisa Kift

Business Manager

Laura Dadds (Sarah Cole is currently on Maternity leave)

If you wish to discuss administrative or non-medical aspects of your health treatment or if you have any ideas which will improve the services we provide, our manager are there to help you.

Our managers also deal with problems or complaints you may have to do with the practice.